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📺 NEW TEACHER RECRUITMENT ADVERTWatch our new teacher recruitment advert; an invitation, from teachers, to join their amazing profession.The film was made with teachers who know the joys and complexities of school life. They helped us write the script and draft the messaging


Today we hosted a mini Newham Maths Bee with Year 5 children from Newham schools! Congratulations to for winning! Thanks to William Davies, St. Luke's, and WHCS for joining the fun too. We had a blast tackling challenging problems and having maths fun in the sun!


Great start to our annual Governor Conference, choir.


Liora is running the Manchester Marathon for Chobham Friends!You can help raise money for Chobham Friends by donating online


choir representing at a national choral competition last weekend - WOW 🔥🙌🏾👏🏼🫶🏿⚡️! Three part harmony, syncopated body percussion and in Portuguese 🇵🇹. We are so proud of how hard you worked and can’t wait to hear what you do next!


choir representing at a national choral competition last weekend - WOW 🔥🙌🏾👏🏼🫶🏿⚡️! Three part harmony, syncopated body percussion and in Portuguese 🇵🇹. We are so proud of how hard you worked and can’t wait to hear what you do next!



A fantastic International Women’s Day at Chobham today! Celebrating all women and helping to 💜💜


Our penultimate choir is from the Olympic Park in London: Harris Academy Chobham Junior Choir. Great percussion accompaniment!


We are sooooo proud of our choir who are competing on Manchester today! We send all the luck and positivity!


Our penultimate choir is from the Olympic Park in London: Harris Academy Chobham Junior Choir. Great percussion accompaniment!


Year 2’s first ever visit to the primary school library for their first Accelerated Reader session! These readers are super excited to get their hands on the big books!



Our YUCAN group were lucky enough to go to Shrek’s Adventure and then for a trip on the London Eye this week! So much fun for these amazing pupils!



Year 4 were happy historians at The British Museum last week learning all about things from the past.


Get along to Chess Club on Thursdays at the Lighthouse and Gardens! With an amazing teacher every week for only £6 per child!


Important team talks and tactics before the boys and girls’ football matches today! Well done to our boys for winning and reaching the final!!


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Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Values and Vision

At Harris Academy Chobham we seek to enable our students develop as individuals who are sustained by an intrinsic sense of pride and a recognition of their own worth as human beings. 

Many Chobham students come from challenging backgrounds and work hard to get to school and to succeed here.  All of our students make a unique contribution and all have much to celebrate in their lives and talents.  Our aim as a school is to help our students recognise, appreciate and fulfil their individual and collective gifts.

Our Vision

  • We are a school where teaching and learning is carefully planned to ensure  everyone makes excellent progress. 
  • We are a school that breaks down barriers, broadens horizons and challenges stereotypes.
  • We are a school that is ambitious for all with a curriculum that wastes no time. 
  • We are a school with excellent academic outcomes. 
  • We are a school that inspires and ignites the flame of learning. 
  • We are a school that takes learning beyond the classroom and offers a varied and popular enrichment programme. 
  • We are a school that is a family for children to be part of from 3 to 18.
  • We are a school that values play and nurtures imagination.
  • We are a school that finds moments of calm and sees the beauty in silence. 
  • We are a school that learns in nature, looks after the planet and teaches others to do the same. 
  • We are a school that grows the superstars of tomorrow - sportspeople, politicians, actors, musicians, scientists, inventors, artists - we are a school that gives everyone space to grow. 
  • We are a school where lifelong friendships are made, nobody feels lonely and everyone has an ally.  
  • We are a school where everybody has the right to be heard. 
  • We are a school where equality and diversity are embedded in everything we are and everything we do. 
  • We are a school that doesn’t have all the answers, looks outward and is always learning and growing. 
  • We are a school that meets people where they’re at and takes them on a journey beyond their expectations. 
  • We are a school that is more than a school - a place of welcome, refuge, community, warmth, fun and celebration.

Our Values

Guiding them on their journey through the academy are our ‘ICHEER’ school values. These values ‘inclusion, curiosity, honesty, empathy, excellence and respect’ provide children with a framework to guide their personal development as they move through the primary and secondary phases of the academy.  

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Inclusion: At Chobham, we are at the centre of the diverse East Village community. The primary academy is a school with a heart which develops all children, regardless of their background, with self-confidence and high morals who care for and respect each other, their families and the staff at school. 

Curiosity: Every lesson and opportunity for learning is carefully planned to engage students and stimulate their natural curiosity. Across the curriculum, partner talk is used to ensure all learners take an active role in their own learning.

Honesty: All Chobham Academy students and staff will have the highest expectations of themselves and those around them. At our academy, students are taught to be reflective and use their experiences to guide their future behaviour.

Empathy: We teach our students to understand and share the feelings of others.  Being interested in the wellbeing of others and helping those in need is as important as succeeding ourselves. Each day, we will strive to do our very best for ourselves and for those around us.

Excellence: Through our unwavering belief in the potential of every child we generate for students a transformative experience allowing them to forge ambitious lifetime aspirations and assist cultivate in them total self-belief: the belief that they can and will achieve excellence in education, they are worthy of greatness, and capable of and responsible for  serving the community.

Respect: Chobham is recognised for its self-disciplined and well-mannered students who are respectful, courteous and who take pride in themselves, their academy and their community.

All Inclusive Ethos

An Ethos That Celebrates Who We Are And Where We Live

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At the heart of our Chobham ethos is the passionate belief that all students are uniquely valuable and all students have the right to succeed in their education. We believe that it is our job to ensure this happens and that all students, regardless of who they are, leave primary school happy, confident and ready to succeed in their next phase of life.

Our school is in the heart of the borough of Newham. We are proud to be a part of a richly diverse inner London community. At Chobham, our differences are not only celebrated but actively discussed and learnt about. Our school community is a warm and welcoming environment in which staff, students and families are known and valued.

At Chobham, we believe that guided discussions and plenty of ‘talk for learning’ is central to students’ academic and social growth. Students are encouraged to give their own views in a reasoned way and to do their best to understand, and always respect, the views of others. In all of our primary classrooms, children are given regular opportunities to practice and manage this skill.

Also central to our Chobham ethos is the belief that schools have a duty to guide students moral as well as academic development. We strive to ensure that our students understand their responsibilities in the community and the wider world and grow to develop morals which help them to lead a healthy, happy life and through their actions benefit others. We use our assembly and PSHE programme as well as a regular schedule of extra-curricular events and fundraising activities to support this learning. Also key to our students understanding in this area is the frequency and quality of day to day discussion between staff and students, which helps them to think in a responsible and community centred way.

Mutual respect and tolerance are integral elements of our school culture at Chobham. We promote an inclusive approach to issues surrounding disability, race and ethnicity, religion/belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, marriage/civil partnerships and parenthood. Our PSHE curriculum seeks to actively teach understanding in these topic areas in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner. The Academy has a zero-tolerance approach towards bullying.

Students are helped to understand the attitudes and beliefs that are protected by law and form part of British values. These values are not just taught but are embedded in our school life and ethos. British values include; individual liberty, the rule of law, democracy, tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs, mutual respect and awareness and tolerance of communities which are different to their own. This helps prepare our students for life in modern Britain, giving them the confidence to support one another and to challenge discrimination and extremist attitudes. This philosophy also underpins the academic curriculum and is taught through every subject.

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