It’s been a wonderful year in school and we would like to wish all pupils and their families and friends a restful summer - it is deserved. We will see everyone on Monday 5th September for the new school year.


What a joyous celebration we had for the Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly! There was laughter and tears and a lot of emotion as we said a fond farewell to these amazing young people. The class of 2021/22! 🤩🤩


Our Year 6’s made us proud (and cry!) today with three wonderful performances of Hairspray! They worked so hard and it was absolutely phenomenal! Well done to the cast and to Ms Gleeson for a fantastic show! 👏👏👏👏


Reception classes are making the most of waiting to watch the Year 6 performance of Hairspray!


Faith in Schools are delivering a workshop on Christianity as part of their RE learning today in Year 4.


Hi Miss A! They are all grown up and ready for year 7! 🤩


First run through of Hairspray with the tech before the first show tomorrow! It’s getting very exciting!


Thank you to Tiffany’s mum for hand making all these bow ties for our Year 6 show! 🙌😍


We have passed the traffic now and will be there just after the last ETA. Time on the maps now says 1:20pm. See you soon!!!


We have hit a bit of traffic on our way home. The ETA is now 1:15pm. We will update you again soon!


It’s our last morning at Letton Hall. We are expecting to be back to Chobham at approx 12.30pm. Please be there to pick up your child as they can go straight home. We will send a more accurate ETA as soon as we are on the move!


Party, party, party! 🎉


Party time! Lots of celebrating to end an amazingly fun week!


Warming up ready for some dancing after dinner!


Year 6 are getting party ready for the last night at Letton Hall!


We let the Year 6’s loose in the Letton Hall shop this afternoon to stock up on party treats!


Pedal karts….


Pedal karting - using their own legs for power!


More go karting!



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Week 5 (wc 1st Feb)

Y3 Reading comprehension
In today's lesson, we will be focusing on two different types of questions: retrieval and inference. We will learn how to answer on both types following specific strategies. The first type of questions is focusing on 'skimming and scanning' the text trying to find the answer, and the second one is based on the ability to 'read between the lines' in order to gain a greater understanding of what we are looking at and to reach logical conclusions.


Y3 Science - 02/02/2021
In this week's science lesson, you will be learning about fossils: what are they? Who studies them? How are they formed? How are they revealed? Once you have watched the recorded lesson and interacted with the teaching slides, complete a short quiz on Purple Mash to test your knowledge of fossils and how they are formed. Enjoy!

Y3 M
aths - 03/02/2021
Continuing on our place value unit, today we will be learning to identify and represent numbers up to 700. We will be looking at a range of numbers, discussing their value (hundreds, tens and ones) and their place on number lines. After you watch the video, you will be able to complete your activity on purple mash.

Y3 Literacy: long write video part 1 - 04/02/2021

Watch this video to learn how to retell the rest of the chapter of the Iron Man. Do they manage to successfully trap the Iron Man? What does Hogarth do? Try to challenge yourself to meet all the success criteria, including by using subordinating conjunctions!

Y3 Literacy: long write video part 2 - 04/02/2021
Watch Miss Fenton rewriting the rest of the chapter on paper. Look how she checks her work for mistakes at the end.

Y3 computing - 05/02/2021
In this week’s computing lesson, we will be looking at ‘Appropriate content and ratings' as part of our work on Online Safety. You will be learning about age restrictions symbols on digital media and devices and discussing why PEGI restrictions exit. You will also be made aware of where to turn for help if you see inappropriate content or receive inappropriate content from others. Once you have watched the recorded lesson and interacted with the teaching slides, complete a short quiz on Purple Mash to test your knowledge and understanding of the meaning of age restrictions symbols and why they exit. Enjoy!