Year 6 are having their Science transition lessons in the secondary labs today!


Setting up for Enterprise Day! Come and spend some money and help the children of Chobham make a profit! We have slime, nail painting, sweet cones, mojitos, cakes, bath bombs, penalty shootouts outs, food and…..SPLASH THE TEACHER! 🤩🤩


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Come to our Enterprise Day on Tuesday 21st June! But the amazing products our pupils make! Plus food, drinks and games….make sure you bring lots to spend! Our budding entrepreneurs want to make as much profit as possible from their enterprise!


Come to our Enterprise Day on Tuesday 21st June! But the amazing products our pupils make! Plus food, drinks and games….make sure you bring lots to spend! Our budding entrepreneurs want to make as much profit as possible from their enterprise!


Hairspray rehearsals in full swing with their amazing director, Ms Gleeson. 🙅🏼‍♀️💃🏼👯‍♀️


Year 4 are outdoors on a nature habitat search today!


We have the amazing Coach Ash in today teaching cricket! The children are loving their sessions!


HSBC are in school for the start of Chobham’s Enterprise Week giving us an inspiring assembly on the “World of Work”. Here are our KS2 children learning all about how to make money work for them.


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As an all-through school our curriculum is planned from Early Years through to Post-16. Our primary and secondary subject leads meet regularly to discuss curriculum and progression. This morning our maths leads met and discussed their curriculum. ⁦


The Year 6’s had a visit from some secondary students today for a Q&A. Very insightful and an excellent chance for them to ask questions about Year 7.


Fun, fun and more fun at our Jubilee lunch today! Thank you everyone who helped and came and enjoyed!


We are getting ready for our Big Jubilee Lunch tomorrow and we are all very excited!


Year 3 have been sketching plants in our pond area as part of their Outdoor Learning Day! ☀️☀️#science


Another amazing Y6 Geography workshop with


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More jubilee lunch preparations - this time in Nursery!


Year 5 have been creating their crown placemats for our upcoming Big Jubilee Lunch on Thursday 9th June! They look amazing!

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Week 2 (wc 11th Jan)

3a wk2
Year 3 timetable 

WK2 RE 11.01.20 
Today, we continue to be learning about Sikhism and its meaning to Sikhs. More specifically, we will be looking at the story of Khalsa; the group of 5 courageous people who were willing to die for their faith. We will discuss why this story is important and what is its moral message. Would you be one of those 5 people who stepped forward?

Geography Y3 L2 11.1.21 
We continue our focus on answering the question: ‘What resources do we use and why?’ In this week’s lesson, you will be learning about the meaning of, and the difference between, renewable and non-renewable energy. You will also be able to explain some the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy. Finally, you are encouraged to use the knowledge you obtain from today’s lesson to form your own opinion about what sources of energy we should be using and why. Enjoy!  

Y3 W2 Maths 12.01.2021
The topic we are focusing on in Maths this week is ‘addition and subtraction’. Today’s lesson starts with a revision of your previous learning of subtracting a single digit number from 11 to 18. Then, you will be learning to add a two-digit number and a single digit number using ten frames and partitioning the addends. Enjoy!

Y3 W2 Literacy 12.1.21 
In this lesson, you will learn how to build sentences with new vocabulary, using prepositions and adjectives. Prepositions tell us about time, movement or position, and adjectives add description to nouns to create expanded noun phrases. Both of these writing tools help to build a picture in the mind of the reader, making writing expressive and interesting to read. When you build your own sentences, don’t forget to begin them with capital letters and end them using full stops, exclamation marks or question marks. Please also remember to write in your most beautiful handwriting, following x l and y height letters! 

Y3 Literacy W2 13.1.21  
In this lesson, we will be writing a setting description. We will be using the skills we learned yesterday, building sentences which include prepositions and adjectives, to paint a vivid picture in the mind of the reader. Pause the video and use the help sheet as a guide when you complete your writing. Once you have finished, ask an adult at home to email your work to your teachers! Miss Fenton’s email: Miss Agoglossaki’s email: Marzouqa’s email:  

WK2 Maths L2-13.01.20
Today, we will be learning how to subtract a single digit numbers by two-digit numbers using partition. You will be practising to partition both minuends and subtrahends in order to find the difference between two numbers. At the end of the lesson, you will be able to solve 4 different calculations using the specific method and complete an activity on purple mash. Enjoy!

Y3 W2 Literacy 14.1.21  
In this lesson, we will begin reading chapter 2 of The Iron Man! We will then follow success criteria to retrieve key information from the fiction text. Make sure you have a piece of paper and pen ready, so that you can pause the video and follow the success criteria to retrieve your answers. Good luck!  


WK2 Reading comprehension-14.01.20
In today's lesson, we will be focussing on two different types of questions: retrieval and vocabulary interpretation. We will learn how to answer on both types following specific strategies. The first type is focussing on the ability to skim and scan from the text trying to find the answer, the second part is based on the vocabulary, trying to explain the meaning of the words in context. Remember to pause the video in order to answer on your questions.

15th Jan PHSE rights and responsibilities Y3
Welcome to our first PHSE lesson for this term. Today, we will be looking at the difference between rights and responsibilities and its significant impact on our lives. We will be looking at a range of examples discussing our rights and responsibilities at home/school. At the end pf the lesson, you will be able to make a list writing what rights and what responsibilities you have at home.

15th Jan computing online safety Y3
The topic we are focusing on in Computing for the first three lessons is ‘Online Safety’. In today’s lesson, you will learn about passwords: what are passwords? What makes a safe password? How to keep passwords safe? What are the consequences of giving your passwords away? The lesson will also help you to understand how the Internet can be used to help us communicate effectively. Once you have watched the video and engaged with the teaching slides, please complete a task set for you on Purple Mash to test your knowledge of online safety and the importance of protecting our personal information when surfing the Internet. Enjoy!