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Whilst learning about plant reproduction, 5A have grown their own mint from an off shoot!


Year 5 have had Hands on Science visiting them today and they are learning all about forces. So much fun!


Our pupils are meditating as part of Vesak celebrations today.


They are gorgeous aren’t they! Glad you approve. 😀


In Art, our talented Year 1’s have made these colourful pinch pots and tiles from clay. Aren’t they amazing! Well done Year 1. 🙌🙌


That smile says it all! What a happy Star of the Week! 🤩 We are very proud of all of our shining stars this week. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️


Check out our new outdoor seating area! Year 1’s are enjoying their outdoor learning so far in the fresh air.


Year 1 had their turn for outdoor learning day today. Look at these fabulous apple bird feeders - all natural resources!


Thank you Rachel! See you next week. 😊


Year 6 are in an amazing geography workshop provided by the Royal Geographic Society - making maps of their local area!


Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing Bannister House event: International Evening. Cuisine from all over the world to taste - delicious. Raising money for Pencil of Trust. Thank you to everyone who supported the event.


Battlesbridge - year 6 Geography fieldwork (plus fun in the sun!).


More from the year 6 Geography fieldwork trip to Battlesbridge!


Geography fieldwork trip for the Year 6’s today to the amazing Battlesbridge. A chance to compare a rural area with our school’s urban area and a chance to enjoy the sunshine! ☀️


Today was the turn of Nursery to engage in outdoor learning day. So much learning taking place for our youngest of pupils. 🤩#science


Year 6 have been studying the different plant life in the school grounds for Outdoor Learning Day by sampling areas. They are also doing some wild writing!


It’s Outdoor Learning week for the pupils where they will take their science outside for a day! Here are the Year 5’s exploring our natural environment.


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Reward trip for our Year 6 children in the Olympic Park.

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Recommended Reading Lists

During primary school, it is absolutely crucial that children read widely and at length. This helps to develop their reading stamina and fluency, supports inference and encourages students to fall in love with reading. Fostering a love of reading and an appreciation of truly great stories is absolutely the key to success in English and beyond. In order to do this, children need to have the opportunity to read excellent quality literature and get lost in stories that are relevant to them and the world they live in. We’ve picked recommended reading lists for each year group containing the titles we think every child should read during the year. These contain some of the children’s classics, which are still firm favourites today, plus new features that have been handpicked to reflect the interests and diversity of our cohort.

All of the books on the recommended reading lists are available to borrow from the class reading corners. Your child has also been given a reading passport so that they can record their progress throughout the year. Once they have read the book and completed a short book review, their teacher can tick the title off and move onto their next read. These stories are truly excellent and though they might be ticked off on the passports, they certainly won’t be forgotten!

Page Downloads

Title Date  
Reading Passports and Recommended Reading List Letter 04 05 2021 04th May 2021 Download
Year 1 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download
Year 2 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download
Year 3 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download
Year 4 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download
Year 5 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download
Year 6 Recommended Reading 04th May 2021 Download